Before and After school

Early risers and sundowners

We are open from 7.30am until school time for St Cuthbert's children. And after school we offer a walking bus pick up from St Edward's Primary school, Darwen and collect children after school from St Cuthbert's Primary school, Darwen.

We spend lots of time outdoors so make sure you are dressed for the weather. Which in Darwen usually means a waterproof!

Book as little or as often as you need. However, to keep things flexible we need as much notice as possible. Please make sure your bookings are in by Saturday 11am each week for a guaranteed place. Bookings made after this time will incur an admin fee of 50p per session.

Term time bookings have a 4 day, or 96 hour, cancellation policy. Any bookings outside the 4 day cut off can simply be 'unticked' on our online booking system and charges will be refunded to your account. If the session will not 'untick' you have unfortunately missed the cancellation deadline and your session cannot be swapped or cancelled.