Learning through play

At Safe Hands we celebrate cultural events, interests, seasons and explore through themed play. We put pictures and updates on our Safe Hands Facebook page regularly. Click the link below and follow us to see what our lovely children have been getting up to...

Play time!

Safe Hands is primarily a "Free Play" setting. This means that the children are free to choose what they do, what materials to use, and form their own groupings with other children according to their interests. This helps the children learn to problem solve, learn from mistakes, build resilience and self confidence.

Ofcom reported in 2018 that children aged 5 to 15 in the UK spent around 4 hours per day on media devices. At Safe Hands we offer a break away from social technology and an opportunity to engage in complex free play that aids development.

We love the outdoors! Except from periods of extreme weather we spend time outside daily. Rain, shine, dark, light, windy, calm; you can find us outside. We fly kites, we play with torches, we look for bugs, we climb trees, we hunt for conkers, we wrap up, we wear sun hats, we splash, we build snowmen. So always dress for the weather!!

We encourage children to manage their own risks and will ask them to think of the outcomes of their behaviour. In the summer months the children are allowed to explore the trees and grass areas of the playground. So expect mucky clothes.

We balance our free play with some play based learning, adult led crafts and group/team games. We regularly post pictures of what we get up to on our Facebook page "Safe Hands Out of School Club".

Democracy - Rule of Law - Individual liberty - Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

These values are embedded into our daily practice at Safe Hands. From promoting mutual respect though our conflict mediation to giving all our children a voice during our termly children's meetings. Please click the link below to see our prevent duty matrix.