Safe Hands wrap around childcare provision

Ofsted registered, fully insured, fun, friendly, and flexible childcare

We play 'Safely' and 'Happily'

Based at St Cuthbert's School, Darwen, we provide wrap around childcare for children aged 4-14. We have a wide range of toys, games, activities and craft resources to keep your children playing 'Happily' during their time with us. We have access to a large outdoor play space, and are situated with good local transport access and a short walk away from local woodlands and moorlands. We love to take your children exploring during our holiday club and teach them to be as proud of their local area as we are!

Safe Hands is owned and managed by Miss Alberts. She has over 13 years experience working with children in School, Care, Charity and Play settings and has a Ba hons in Education Studies and an MEd in the Psychology of Education.

Our Deputy Manager is Mrs Kelly Hargreaves. She has extensive experience of working within play settings and primary schools and holds a Ba in teaching and learning.

Bringing their experience, creativity and patience to their roles as Playworker and one to one support we also have Miss Alys Nokes, Miss Chelsea Gibson, Miss Katie Mears, Miss Georgina Rickard, Miss Kaitlyn Proctor and Mr Stephen Knowles.

Our staff are experienced and given up to date continual training to ensure that your children are safe during their time with us. We encourage your child to learn how to manage risky play and conflicts so that we are all playing 'safely'.

Collections are from our door at St Cuthbert's. At the far end of the car park, walk up the steps or use the ramp towards the main entrance. Before the school entrance there is a set of white double doors to the right, covered by a porch hood. Our bell is on the wall. If you ring that a staff member will come to the door. This may take a moment, we are often outside and it is a WiFi bell with a slight delay. If it has been unanswered feel free to ring it again or call our phone.

Term Time

Before school we are open from 7.30am until 9am for children attending St Cuthbert's Primary School or for children awaiting school transport or collection.

After school we are open from school closing time until 6pm. We collect children from St Cuthbert's Primary School and run a Walking Bus service from St Edward's Primary school.

Holiday Club

We are open from 7.30am until 6pm and our service is available to all children. We have children attending from a number of local schools.

Bookings and registrations are made through our online cloud based portal or app. Contact us for details.

Staying transparent and open

Our policies

Safe Hands is working for the families and children we support

In this file you will find:

Administering medication policy

Aggressive behaviour policy

Anti bullying policy

Arrivals and departures policy

Behaviour management policy

Child induction policy

Complaints policy

Confidentiality policy

County Lines Policy

Data Protection Policy

Dangerous plants policy

Early Years policy

Emergency evacuation and closure policy

Environmental policy


In this file you will find:

Equalities policy

Food Safety policy

Fire Safety policy

Health and safety policy

Illness and Accidents policy

Intimate Care policy

Involving parents and carers policy

Late collection and uncollected child policy

Lockdown policy

Lone working policy

Manual Handling policy

Missing child procedure


In this file you will find:

Mobile Phone policy

No platform policy

Pandemic flu policy

Participation policy

Play policy

Privacy notice

Risk assessment policy

Safe internet use policy

Safeguarding policy

Safer recruitment policy

Smoking, alcohol and drugs policy

Social media policy


In this file you will find:

Mission statement

Staff behaviour policy

Staff disciplinary procedure

Staff grievance policy

Staff induction and development

Suspensions and exclusions policy

Visitors policy

Walking bus policy

Whistleblowing policy



Early Risers


Late bookings will incur an additional 50p admin fee per session.

  • From 7.30am until the school bell.

  • We play with our toy collection and enjoy team games.

  • Children are welcome to bring a breakfast snack

Contact us to book


This session is charged at an hourly rate. £4 from 3.15pm until 4.15pm, £3 from 4.15pm until 5.15pm, £3 from 5.15pm until 6pm.

Late bookings will incur an additional 50p admin fee per session.

  • We have an optional organised activity or craft alongside our free play extensive toy and game collection

  • We provide a snack of fruit and crackers, see our snack time section.

Contact us to book
Holiday club session


  • We operate from 7.30am until 6pm

  • We theme our weeks and enjoy a variety of activities.

  • We provide breakfast and a fresh fruit snack. We also have a water fountain. Children just need to bring a packed lunch and a refillable water bottle.

  • One day each week we have an offsite trip day or a special guest, these sessions are £30

  • Late bookings will incur an additional £5 admin fee per session

contact us to book


Payments are due at the time of booking.

Payment can be made by card through the app. However, we also accept cash, bank transfer childcare voucher, tax free childcare, please chose the voucher option if this is your preferred payment method and submit your payment immediately via your preferred method

We always recommend checking if you are eligible for help towards your childcare costs. Most households earning less than £100k per year can access support such as, childcare vouchers, universal credit, tax credits or tax free childcare. We are happy to support you anyway we can. Let us know if you need any help signing up to a service.


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